About the Charter

The Charter calls for a national transport strategy, better future-proofing of big transport proposals, effective public participation and a more strategic approach to minimising adverse impacts.

Signatories believe the approach to high speed rail currently falls well short of the Charter’s principles, so are using the Charter as a way to change the Government’s thinking.

Whilst most of the debate about the High Speed 2 (HS2) proposals focus on the detail of the route and the business case for High Speed Rail (HSR) along this route, with arguments for and against the proposal, the Charter takes a broader look at the context and conditions necessary for doing High Speed Rail well.

Early successes in promoting the Charter include:

  • thirteen environmental, civil society, transport, countryside, heritage and wildlife organisations are supporting the Charter
  • meetings with the Secretary of State and senior civil servants where the Charter has been welcomed and progress has been made on progressing some aspects of it
  • the principles being used a number of times in responses to the Transport Select Committee inquiry into the strategic case for High Speed Rail, and being heavily reflected in the conclusions drawn by the Committee in their report on the inquiry.

You can find out more about how the Charter operates as well as terms and conditions of this website in the Contact us page.

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